2006 Thanksgiving Testmonies

| Grace Chu | Stephanie Cheun | Kevin Hao | Sabrina | Anonymous | Anonymous | Ella | Jason Qian | Alison Blodgett | Angela Blodgett |

Jesus is all the world to me - Grace Chu

Time flies, every year passes by with a blink of an eye, but God' s deep grace and great love is forever like an ocean that surrounds and immerses you, carefully and properly protects, leads, and abides. Let us rest beneath his wings, safely abiding within his almighty embrace as he rocks us upon his knee.

Thanks to God, Tim and Mia both have the opportunity to serve God at church. The changes so prevalent in the world of technology have allowed Tim to learn many new things at his new job. Although busy, he is happy. Mia graduated this year from the UW and has been blessed with a great job where she is well liked by her superiors. After just three month she received a raise. Mia is now supporting treasury operations in China, Singapore, and Thailand beyond my imagination for my little granddaughter. My grandson Joshua has grown very tall and at 8 he is almost my height. He now plays nocturnes on the piano with skill. My granddaughter Karie sings and dances with equal aplomb. All my children have been blessed and have safely weathered the sweeping layoffs and downsizing.

My husband has rested peacefully in Gods arms for over 9 years now. I thought I would go to meet him quickly and yet I am still here today, thanks to the Lord. Although I have many health problems, have had 5 surgeries, suffered 2 strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, arthritis, osteoporosis, digestive system problems, ˇ­ and various other illnesses, thank God for having mercy on me and still allowing me to attend church every Sunday. My son and daughters families are both in Seattle and they are never weary of taking care of me. Now I' m like a child requiring assistance with dressing, eating, living, and walking. They, along with my grandchildren (I like how in English I' m their grandma without distinction), all take good care of me including helping me with shoes and socks. My husband took care of me in all things when he was alive and now my children are the same and I have no hardship in my life. What a blessing this is.

The prayers of brothers and sisters here supports me, comforts me, and warms my heart. Thanks to God' s blessings I' m still able to attend service on Sundays to enjoy the love which flows from him with peace and joy in my heart. May God bless and reward your love.

Thank God for the blessing of our existence.

Thank God that we' re blessed every moment of our lives while we await our return to our heavenly home. Our lives are a blessing and when we rest it is also a blessing. There is no fear and apprehension. In this world filled with hardship and suffering, with God we are victorious over this world, what a great blessing this is.

The days of our years are 70 years; and by reason of strength they can be 80 years, yet with my many illnesses I am already over 80 years old, through God' s blessing and grace.

ˇ°Oh that I had a thousand voices, and our tongues increase his name, From deep within our hearts we all hail Jesus, Singing without ceasing up to the most high sky, Our Lord shall be praised by all the people, For his grace is forever more.ˇ±

May we praise the Lord with unending voices.
Stephanie Cheung

Thank God for the food.
Thank God for the water.
Thank God for the knowledge.
Thank God for the peace.
Kevin Hao

Thank you for helping me getting faith.
Thank you for helping/watching me grow.
Thank you for giving me a good family.
Thank you for giving me wisdom.

I appreciate it when you give us food in surprising ways. I like it when you make trees grow or there would be no houses and we would not live anywhere.

Thank you God for good food.

Thank you God for giving us wisdom.
To God - Ella

I love you, I am thankful for you and your son.
I am thankful for the world you gave us. I hope you will use me. And I hope you love me.
I am thankful that you created me! I am thankful for your son!
Jason Qian

Thanksgiving is a holy day.
Alison Blodgett

I am thankful for the food so we can survive.
I am thankful for the Sun so we can keep warm.
I am thankful for the Moon so we can see in the night.
I am thankful for the water so the plants can grow.
I am thankful for the plants so the world is beautiful.
I am thankful for the cat we just got.
Angela Blodgett

Thank you God for the food,
like roast beef and cherry.
Thank you God for bringing me all my friends.
God, do you know who is my best friend?
Her name is Galina.
Thank you God for my family.
Thank you God for all my DVD disks.
Thank you God for the camping wood,
so I can make my marshmallows soft and tasty.